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Youth unemployment

More than any other age group, young people have a hard time finding a job. In 2018, 16.1% of young people under 26 in the EU were unemployed. The EU invested € 8 billion into the Youth Guarantee Scheme between 2014 and 2020. The Scheme is implemented by each member state and aims to ensure that all young people under 25 are offered a job, further education, an apprenticeship or traineeship within 4 months of leaving education or becoming unemployed.

Plus, programmes such as the European Solidarity Corps allow you to take up a traineeship in another country. In addition to your salary, the EU helps you with the cost of travelling and relocating.

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Working abroad

As an EU citizen you can work in any EU country you like. 8.5 million Europeans do it. The best part is that you have the same rights in the country you work as at home. Because EU countries work together, your pension and social rights are protected. So if for instance you want to work in another EU country and go back home after a while, your pension contributions get counted.

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