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Volunteering abroad

European Solidarity Corps

If you want to take a break from what you’re doing or the options at home are not so great right now, volunteering abroad should definitely be on your radar. It means you get work experience, you live in another country for a while and meet awesome people. What’s more, your work benefits people and communities.

If you become a European Solidarity Corps volunteer, the EU covers your living, travel and insurance costs and some pocket money. In return you work between 2 and 12 months to support projects run by NGOs, civil society organisations, local and regional authorities.

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EU aid volunteers

If helping others is your calling, becoming an EU aid volunteer may be a good place to start. Through this programme you can directly help provide humanitarian aid to communities affected by disasters in countries like Haiti or Colombia.

While you volunteer, your accommodation, travel, insurance and a monthly allowance are covered. For the 2014-2020 period, there are 4.000 places available in the programme.

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