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Travelling around the EU

Some 15 million EU citizens live in another EU member state. Many more of us go for holidays to another EU country. If you have a national ID card, you don’t even need a passport to travel. Plus, in the Schengen area you won’t waste any time queuing for border checks.
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Travelling outside the EU

If you ever get in trouble somewhere outside the EU and your country doesn’t have an embassy there, you can go to the embassy of another EU member state to get help. The people there will help you like you were one of their citizens. Pretty neat if you come from a smaller country that doesn’t have representations all over the world.
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Cheaper flights, more rights

Today you can find flights for €10 but it hasn’t always been like this. Just ask your parents. Flying used to be for the rich and famous. The EU made changes in laws, breaking monopolies and increasing competition between airlines. Long story short – hello cheap plane tickets!
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However, flying can be a pain sometimes. Denied boarding, flight cancelled or with a long delay, luggage lost or damaged? EU law has you covered. For example, if you’re flying from Portugal to the Netherlands and your plane gets a long last-minute delay caused by the airline, the airline has to cover your meals, your overnight accommodation and you get 400 EUR compensation.
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Bye-bye roaming charges

Digital natives rejoice! In 2017 roaming charges within the EU were eliminated. Roam like at home means you’re paying the same price for calls, texting and data usage on your mobile phone when travelling in another EU country as you do at home.

That cool picture you took for Insta on holiday doesn’t need to wait for the hotel or restaurant WiFi to go up. Got lost in the city you were visiting? Open the maps app and find your way around without the dread of a ridiculous invoice.

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