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Erasmus exchanges for students

9 million students have used the Erasmus exchange programme to study abroad. If you’re a student in higher education, you can get an Erasmus grant to spend a semester or an academic year in another country. The credits you earn there count towards your degree, you get to make new friends, learn a new language, you don’t pay additional tuition and get a grant to cover some of the expenses.

According to the statistics, Erasmus students tend to find jobs twice as quickly after graduating. They’re also likely to fall in love with someone from another country. There’s even a study that says there are over 1 million Erasmus babies out there.

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No tuition surcharge

Free movement means you’re free to study in any EU member state under the same conditions as nationals of that state. So for instance if you found a very good university programme in another country, you will pay the same tuition as your colleagues from that country. It wasn’t always like this and students from outside the EU still pay much higher tuition fees than EU citizens when studying in the EU.

The EU is also working to ensure all academic diplomas are recognised across borders. It’s work in progress but it’s happening.

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